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New Guests

Please read before booking an appointment 


Your first visit with me ...

*At this time I am currently ONLY accepting new guests for COLOR SERVICES.*

 There is an option that includes a haircut with a color service.


If this is you, then I look  forward to meeting you!  Your experience starts with my easy to use online booking system. You may request an appointment to be scheduled 100% online at your convenience.


After booking, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your appointment. You will also receive an email reminder 48 hours prior to and an email/text reminder 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. You may reschedule at anytime within 24hrs before your appointment via your confirmation or reminder email. 

Next, when you arrive for your appointment we will have a thorough consultation. Where we will plan out not just your first visit, but a long term plan to ensure all your hair goals are met. 


I will custom blend a color formula that compliments your skin tone and enhances your eye color. I will keep a record of it in my system to ensure you get exactly your color every time you visit.


If you are here for a haircut also, I will create a style for you that is perfect for your face shape and fits your lifestyle. I always share tips and tricks so you will be able to recreate your style at home.

Lastly, we will wrap up your appointment by going over some recommendations for at-home care and styling and set up your next appointment.

What should I book?


Using the online booking system, please select one of the New Guest services from the first category "New to Aqua? New Guest Services"

About Pricing...


New Guest pricing is slightly different from the pricing noted on my service menu.  


At your first appointment we will need an extended visit to have a thorough consultation, create a plan for today's visit, custom blend your color and make our plan for future appointments.