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New to Aqua?



Starting at

$80 - $130+

OWAY hair color is luxurious and ammonia free with no scalp irritation or staining. 

Includes a blow dry. 

Haircut is extra.


Starting at

$90 - $100+

Foil Highlights will brighten your style.

Highlights include a 5 minute toner if needed.

Prices are for a partial highlight only.

Hair length, density and amount of foils will determine final price.

Includes a blow dry.

Haircut is extra.


Starting at


Balayage is a french word meaning "to sweep".

Different techniques to create a natural sun kissed look that is low maintenance.

Includes a Glaze/Gloss/Toner

Includes a blow dry.

Haircut is extra. 


Starting at

$45 - 55+

Every women's haircut begins with a consultation, luxurious shampoo, condition, scalp massage and ends with a blow dry style.


Starting at

$45 - 85+

Is your hair feeling dry or brittle? You may need a protein or moisture treatment from OWAY. Your hair will feel luxurious!

OWAY InfraRed Rebuilding Treatment  

​Rebuilding the hair structure from the inside out. 

​Increases the hair structure, elasticity and resistance

Creates a protective layer around the cuticle to prevent further damage

Restores the health of hair compromised by chemical, mechanical + thermal stress​